Custom Fabrications

Custom Fabrications

  • Segment of large industrial duct built in Schebler factory and installed at the customers plant

  • Welding of custom perforated metal fabrication

  • Tubular aluminum bridge structure for the University of Iowa’s Wave Basin Laboratory that spans a 150 foot wide pool. 3D laser cut tubes and welded to close tolerance.

  • 50 foot by 14 foot diameter steel tank with inner stainless steel tanks. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling, welding and painting.

  • Custom bell tower. Complete fabrication with design, cutting, forming, rolling, welding, paint and installation

  • Complete cut, formed and welded stainless steel food grade display rack with cosmetically blended corner welds.

  • Tank in process. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling and welding.

  • Fully fabricated ozone blower system

  • Custom heavy plate fabrication

  • Custom copper bathroom sink

  • Custom tubular chimney support structure. Complete fabrication with programmable tube cutting, forming, welding, assembly and surface coating.

  • Custom stainless steel pressure vessel. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling, miscellaneous forming and welding.

  • Custom stairs with mezzanine fabrication on outside of industrial building. Complete fabrication including paint and installation.

"Specialty" is our middle name for a very good reason.  Schebler Specialty Fab has an unparalleled reputation for completing special projects comprised of custom fabrications or parts. We pride ourselves on promptly completing high-quality custom and prototype projects that meet or exceeds the stringent needs of our customers.

Complex fabrications from a wide range of materials is truly one of our fortes. We excel at making custom fabrications that demand a high level of quality, dimensional accuracy, challenging weld and forming configurations, structural integrity and/or leak-free performance. Whether your fabrication is fully designed or loosely defined, you can count on us to deliver what you need ... when you need it.

Our manufacturing engineering consultation services helps our customers develop the best and most cost-effective methods for fabricating their products. All of our Project Managers are dedicated to solving fabrication challenges by using their expertise from having handled an ever-growing array of applications, hands-on fabrication experience and impressive process knowledge.  Draw on their expertise -- they likely won't need to reinvent the wheel.

When one-off or prototype parts warrant special attention, our customers benefit from our unique craftsman-in-charge order-fulfillment process. Sometimes a fabrication that isn't fully designed or is just a concept needs one talented craftsman to be attached to the job at day-one to figure out how to build it and to stay with it all the way until its built. In short, that's a craftsman-in-charge project.  They rely on the structure and resources of the business, but they have true cradle to grave responsibility.

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