• Custom stainless steel pressure vessel. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling, miscellaneous forming and welding.

  • 50 foot by 14 foot diameter steel tank. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling, welding and painting.

  • Steel tank with external cooling jackets. Complete fabrication with cutting, forming and welding.

  • Stainless steel melt tank. Complete fabrication – design, laser cutting, forming, welding, surface finishing and weld blending.

  • Large tank with partial field welding and installation

  • 14 ft diameter stainless steel inner-tank with insulation wrap.

  • Customer rectangular galvanized steel tank

  • Tank in process. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling and welding.

  • 16 ft diameter stainless steel tank in process requiring inside welding

Schebler Specialty Fab provides custom tanks built for specific applications ... We call them individualized solutions. From stainless steel tanks designed to stand up to corrosive materials to large steel tanks or the repair of pressure vessels designed to ASME code, each one is built to order for a specific customer and a specific purpose. That's the Schebler value.

Many of the tanks we have fabricated are used for acids, alcohol, bio-diesel, chemicals, cryogens, de-aeration, fermentation, fertilizer, fuel and grain.  Typical sizes have ranged from 6 inches to 16 feet in diameter and up to 50 feet in length. While our typical projects consist of one or two custom tanks, we also fulfill extend-term contracts for low volume production tanks. Make sure to ask about our particular expertise in fabricating stainless steel tanks.

The custom tanks we produce are largely constructed of Stainless Steel, Steel Sheet Metal, Heavy Steel Plate and Galvanized/coated metal.

Aluminum with processes such as TIG Welding, MIG Welding, Rolling, 2D laser cutting, Painting & Coating, Forming and Tube bending.

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