Steel Parts

Steel Parts

  • Sheet metal housings. Complete fabrication including MIG welded, laser cutting and forming

  • Complex formed bracket and hinge parts

  • 3D laser cutting of pre-stamped sheet metal housing

  • Sample of complex steel formed parts

  • Mild steel engineered stack with rain cap

  • Sheet metal duct fabrication workcell

  • Structural steel production assembly. Complete fabrication with laser cutting, forming, welding and powder coating

  • Custom tubular chimney support structure. Complete fabrication with programmable tube cutting, forming, welding, assembly and surface coating.

  • Sample of complex steel formed parts

  • Production laser cutting workcell

  • Fully fabricated ozone blower system

  • Custom dual wall insulated chimney section

  • Mild steel parts after laser cutting and forming operations

  • Sheet metal fabricated vent sections with custom elbows of varying degrees of bend

  • Steel tank with external cooling jackets. Complete fabrication with cutting, forming and welding

What sets Schebler Specialty Fab apart in the "steel works" arena is our ability to work with grade-specific steel including A, AR plate, heavy-grade 50, high-strength 80 - or the grade with the particular characteristics demanded by your application.

We are known for superior welding and the fabrication of products made of mild steel, galvanized, aluminized and other coated steels. We regularly performs high and low volume production along with emergency, custom and prototype projects. Our reputation for superior workmanship stems from us fabricating sheet metal since 1895 when we were founded to support the local Quad Cities market.

Our typical applications for steel parts include agricultural and construction equipment components, automation system components, marine equipment parts, tanks, chimney stacks, duct work, pressure vessels and other custom applications.

The steel parts we produce are mostly constructed with processes such as: MIG Welding, Forming, 2D laser cutting, Rolling, Robotic Welding, 3D laser cutting, Tube bending, TIG Welding, Painting & Coating, Assembly and Design & Engineering.

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