Complex Formed Parts

Complex Formed Parts

  • Formed prototype part

  • Formed bracket and hinge parts

  • Complete cut, formed and welded stainless steel display rack

  • Sample of steel formed parts

  • Four-sided reverse arc center island kitchen hood fabricated from copper

Schebler Specialty Fab has skilled workmanship, precision tools and technologies to process multiple, varying-degree bends and close tolerances required by today's industry. Our forming experts pride themselves in completing emergency, custom and prototype projects with quick deliveries along with performing both high and low volume production. When one-off or prototype parts warrant special attention, our customers benefit from our unique craftsman-in-charge order-fulfillment process.

Ask about a free analysis of your drawings, specifications or concept along with our manufacturing engineering consultation.

Parts are typically formed from material such as Stainless steel, Steel sheet metal, Heavy steel plate, Aluminum, High-Temperature alloys, Copper & Brass Alloys, Lead, Perforated metal and Nickel & Zinc.

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