Architectural Metalcraft

Architectural Metalcraft

  • Custom bell tower. Complete tubular fabrication with design, cutting, forming, rolling, welding, paint and installation

  • Four-sided reverse arc center island kitchen hood contracted of hard 110 copper alloy. Complete fabrication – cut, formed, rolled, corner welded with blending and DA finished prior to final antique finish applied.

  • Custom stainless steel counter-top for residential home. Complete fabrication with design, laser cutting, forming, welding, surface finishing and weld blending. Images courtesy of Haase Construction, Princeton, IL

  • Custom stainless steel exterior sign. Our internal custom signs, furniture, picture frames and sculptures are also notable.

  • Standing seam roof installation. We specialize in light-weight, weather-tight standing seam systems for contemporary, maintenance-free appeal. We also offer unparalleled expertise in custom systems constructed of copper alloys.

  • Composite panel installation on the entrance of the Bettendorf Library.

  • Custom architectural tubular structural fabrications for roof of Schwiebert Riverfront park pavilion.

Custom metal elements add individuality and character to commercial, institutional and residential buildings.  Schebler Specialty Fab professionals work with architects, builders, artists and owners to help add that character with individualized metalcraft solutions. Whether it’s a custom exterior feature like a bell tower, steeple or other unique metal element – or -- a custom interior accent such as a counter-top, hood, handrail or furniture … our craftsmen will exceed your expectations.

Rely on our Architectural Metalcraft team to provide:

  • Custom Exterior Elements accenting a building with distinctiveness and structural integrity.
  • Custom Interior Elements offering form and function to corporate, retail and residential settings.
  • Custom Furniture and Art providing a one-of-a kind perspective to public, private and business settings.
  • Copper & Standing Seam Roofs bringing custom-designed protection and appeal at the top.
  • Composite Building Panel installations supplying durability and color in striking entrances, siding, wall systems and canopies
  • Engineering Services providing metal-focused expertise.

Please check out more information about our Architectural Metalcraft services by visiting or review additional sample applications in this section of our website by visiting Custom Hoods, Tubular Products, Stainless Steel Parts, Stairs & Mezzanines and Complex Formed Parts.

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