Aluminum Parts

Aluminum Parts

  • Tubular aluminum bridge structure for the University of Iowa’s Wave Basin Laboratory that spans a 150 foot wide pool. 3D laser cut tubes and welded to close tolerance.

  • Aluminum housing with outside corner welds

  • 3D laser cut aluminum tubes for bridge structure at the University of Iowa’s Wave Basin Laboratory with exacting tolerances.

  • Fabricated aluminum box with corner welds for aerospace industry

There are fabricators who shy away from handling aluminum fabrications simply because welding them can be tricky business. Schebler Specialty Fab has the skilled craftsmen for the job.

We have built a reputation for producing aluminum weldments with exceptional cosmetic appearance, dimensional accuracy and weld integrity. Our unparalleled expertise extends to challenging weld configurations and producing leak free weldments for production and custom projects.

Sample applications include aerospace and marine components, weight-sensitive assemblies, structural fabrications, tanks and many more custom applications. Challenge us with your specific need.

The aluminum parts we produce are mostly constructed with processes such as MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Forming, 2D laser cutting, RollingWaterjet cutting, Tube bending, 3D laser cuttingPainting & Coating, Assembly and Design & Engineering.

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