Sample Applications

Sample Applications

From agricultural and construction equipment, food-grade assemblies and performance automotive parts to tanks and aluminum parts, Schebler Specialty Fab specializes in complete complex fabrications that optimizes your bottom line. Whether the solution you need is fully specified or loosely defined, you can count on us to deliver high quality parts and products. You'll enjoy total project management that works and an individualized solution that delivers.

While we can and do perform the single tasks of cutting or forming or welding, our customers find the greatest value in our ability to combine these services to deliver a final, complete fabrication.

Our ability to produce fabrications with a broad range of materials and processes is integral to our customer-centric approach that results in added value:

Lower Cost of Quality

  • Superior workmanship
  • Proven experience with wide-array of materials
  • Quality certifications -- ISO9001:2008 & ASME Pressure Vessel Code
  • AWS-certified welders and inspectors

Reduced Total Product Cost

  • Complex & dimensionally accurate fabrications
  • Manufacturing engineering consultation & design services
  • 3D laser cutting
  • Kitting and other services

Higher Efficiency / Lower Inventory

  • Consistent track record for prompt, on-time delivery
  • Exceptional project management
  • Lean Manufacturing processes for blanket orders & custom projects


Click on any of the buttons below to see some sample applications in your area of interest.

  • Production sheet metal housing. Complete fabrication including MIG welded, laser cutting and forming

  • TIG welding booths with stainless steel decorative accent assembly and stainless steel cylinder fabrication.

  • 3D laser cutting of pre-stamped sheet metal housing

  • Tubular aluminum bridge structure for the University of Iowa’s Wave Basin Laboratory that spans a 150 foot wide pool. 3D laser cut tubes and welded to close tolerance. [Close Up]

  • Stainless steel corner accent for display case. Complete fabrication – laser cutting, forming, welding, surface finishing and weld blending.

  • Sample of complex steel formed parts

  • 50 foot by 14 foot diameter steel tank with inner stainless steel tanks. Complete fabrication with plate cutting, rolling, welding and painting.

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