Schebler Specialty Fab provides stamping services for applications in a wide array of industries. Rely on our expertise to efficiently and accurately produce parts that require operations such as blanking, embossing, coining, drawing, curling, forming, hemming, piercing and part identification, to name a few. Ask about a free analysis of your drawings and specifications along with our manufacturing engineering consultation.


We take the time to evaluate every project so we can fabricate the product in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our objective is to optimize the cost of the part while ensuring high-quality results. When reviewing a new or existing project, we consider a number of factors including part size, material, tolerances, profile, and quantity.


Our stamping operations enable the efficient forming of high to medium volume parts with multiple features in a single or progressive process using custom designed dies and compound or progressive tooling.  Quick set-up technology is also available to facilitate short or long-run production of parts processed from blanks, bars, strips or coils of multiple material types. Our internal tool and die expertise allows for the prompt design and build of cost effective and precise tooling to support customer-specific applications. 


Custom part identification is another unique customer-specific feature we provide by adding part numbers, logos, assembly tags, Julian dates and other tracking data to the stamping process.


Our exceptional stamping expertise coupled with our battery of other manufacturing resources can save you time and money on your next project. The value provided by our single-source fabrications is unparalleled when stamping and other processes (MIG WeldingTIG WeldingRobotic WeldingLaser CuttingAssembly, Painting) are employed to produce an individualized solution for your specific need.


A few of our in-house stamping systems are:

  • 45 ton OBS press – 31” x 17” bed
  • 60 ton OBI automated press and feeder – 32” x 21” bed
  • 110 ton variable speed OBS press – 41” x 29” bed
  • 200 ton variable speed OBS press – 57” x 33” bed
  • A variety of solutions for projects requiring up to 1,250 tons

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