Schebler Specialty Fab custom shears sheet metal to size with computerized accuracy. Our shears are used as the first step in preparing material for subsequent processes to produce complete fabrications or formed parts. Stand-alone shearing services are also provided for OEM customers that fabricate their own products. We maintain an extensive inventory of a variety of metal types and thicknesses to ensure prompt deliveries and optimum flexibility.

Our shearing capability examples are (not inclusive - ask about your specific application)

Mild Steel Up to 1/2" thick
Stainless Steel Up to 3/8" thick
Aluminum Up to 3/4" thick
Sheet Size 16' wide x 12' wide


Process we commonly use in conjunction with our shearing services are: 2D laser cutting, Waterjet cutting, TIG welding, MIG welding, Robotic Welding, Forming, Rolling, Painting & Surface Prep and Design & Engineering.

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