Painting & Surface Preparation

Painting & Surface Preparation

Attention to detail assures the finish, protection or appearance you specify for your product. Schebler Specialty Fab applies that attention with effective tools, technologies and skill.

Painting & Coating

Our painting and preparation capability includes wet paint and wash capabilities in two (2) booths. To properly prepare the pre-painted surface, we employ cleaning and smoothing techniques such as shot blasting and fine silica sand blasting to remove grease, oils, debris and film in both high and low volume production, along with emergency, custom and prototype projects. Many of the fabrications we supply are also powder-coated making them ready for immediate assembly or sale by our customers.

Painting is only one of the services provided by Schebler Specialty Fab.  We'll have other coatings applied such as anodizing, galvanized dipping, chemical conversion (e.g. MIL-DTL-5541) and Chemical Agent Restistant Coating (CARC) ... to name a few.   

Surface Finishing & Weld Blending

When it comes to cosmetic parts, our craftsmen possess exceptional expertise in weld blending and polishing along with creating surface finishes that meet the demands of your application.  Weldments for food grade fabrications are prepared to the highest sanitation standards.


While there are many examples of our painting, weld blending and surface finishing competencies, some especially notable examples are: Stainless Steel Parts, Food Grade Fabrications, Hoods, Tubular Products, Complex Formed Parts, Aluminum and Stairs/Mezzanines.

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