Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Schebler Specialty Fab provides manufacturing engineering consultation to help our customers develop the best and most cost-effective methods for fabricating their products. All of our Project Managers have many years of experience and have dedicated their careers to solving fabrication challenges. Their distinguished expertise comes from having supported an ever-widening collection of applications, hands-on fabrication experience and notable process knowledge.

Our mechanical designers use AutoCAD®, SolidWorks® and/or other tools to provide product designs and consultation to enhance the manufacturability, performance and quality of end-user parts.

We engineer weld procedures to optimize the weldability and quality of the fabrications we produce.  We also engineer cutting and forming procedures to optimize efficiency, ensure repeatable quality and handle complex challenges. When one-off or prototype parts warrant special attention, the team takes full advantage of their unique craftsman-in-charge process.

Processes commonly used in conjunction with our Design & Engineering services to provide a single-source turnkey solution are: 2D laser cutting, Waterjet cutting, Plasma cutting, TIG welding, MIG welding, Robotic welding, Forming, Rolling, Tube bending, Shearing, Painting & Surface Prep, Kitting, Assembly and other processes such as machining and drilling

Please visit Sample Applications to see examples of how we put these processes to work for our customers.

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