Design & Engineering

Custom Metal Manufacturing Engineering Consultation

  • Product Design Build meeting at Schebler Specialty Fabrication
  • Plan Spec Build Meeting at Schebler Specialty Fabrication
  • Custom Product Design at Schebler Specialty Fabrication
  • CAD Software in use at Schebler Specialty Fabrication

Our Project Managers have many years of experience dedicated to solving fabrication challenges. Their distinguished expertise comes from having supported an ever-widening collection of applications, hands-on fabrication experience and notable process knowledge.

We develop the best and most cost-effective methods for fabricating your products and then

provide product designs and consultation to enhance the manufacturability, performance and quality of end-user parts.

Our goal is to always provide you a quality solution to even the most complex situations.


Processes commonly used in conjunction with our Design & Engineering services to provide a single-source turnkey solution are: Laser Cutting, Waterjet cutting, Plasma cutting, TIG welding, MIG welding, Robotic welding, Forming, Rolling, Tube bending, Shearing, Painting & Surface Prep, Kitting, Assembly and other processes such as machining and drilling

Please visit Sample Applications to see examples of how we put these processes to work for our customers.

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