Steel Sheet Metal

Steel Sheet Metal

Steel is the backbone of American manufacturing. Schebler is known for superior welding and custom fabrication of products in mild steel, galvanized, aluminized and other coated steels. In fact, our reputation for superior workmanship stems from fabricating with sheet metal since 1895 when we were founded to support the local Quad Cities market.

Schebler Specialty Fab typically works with sheet metal ranging in thickness from 30 (0.012"/0.304mm) to 7 (0.179"/4.55mm) gauge. Complex, dimensionally accurate fabrications are our specialty and we have craftsmen with expertise in completing challenging weld configurations.  Our coil line facilitates sheet metal preparation for our experienced welders who are certified to American Welding Society (AWS) and Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) codes. Our team regularly performs high and low volume production along with emergency and prototype projects.

Example Applications (not inclusive - ask about your specific application)

Schebler Processes commonly used are:

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