Stainless Steel

Custom Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication Services

  • stainless steel cutting and welding at Schebler Specialty Fabrications
  • Custom stainless steel table
  • stainless steel vent made at Schebler Specialty Fabrications
  • stainless steel welding and fabrication at Schebler Specialty Fabrications
  • stainless steel forming at Schebler Specialty Fabrications
  • stainless steel forming and parts at Schebler Specialty Fabrications

Stainless steel is integral to the proprietary products of all Schebler divisions. We provide contract fabrication services and can help evaluate which grade and surface finish will best suit your needs.

In our non-ferrous fabrication building, we complete complex, dimensionally accurate custom and prototype projects fabrications and challenging weld configurations.


Example Stainless Steel Types and Thicknesses  (not inclusive - ask about your specific application):



26 gauge (0.019") and above (e.g. 1"-2")
200 and 300 Series Grades
409 and 430 Grades
410 and 420 Grades
Martensitic 600 Series Grades
2205 Grade

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